Horoscopes 2017


Art by Ana Flores

A single paragraph to sum up 2017.


Tablecloths, towels, sheets line the walls. They cover every mirror and reflective surface. Your hand itches — for what? Do you miss seeing yourself? It won’t take much to tear all those obstacles down. What will you do when you see what has been hidden from you? You are the only person that can do this. When was the last time you felt the strength to hold yourself up?

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December horoscopes


Oh geez.

I guess you’re looking for the monthly horoscopes we provide here at Writer’s Block. Sadly, there is not much to be read about your future other than the immediate one you’re trying to bridle right now.

I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but the Master astronomer/star-seer can’t be present today. She is currently occupied spearheading a crusade against the false imputations of the so-called thirteenth zodiac sign that has people all riled up these days. She packed her diviner’s toolkit (telescope, star map, crystal ball and a copy of Gypsy Accent Daily) and left. When I asked her what to do about the horoscopes she muttered something along the lines of “The final reckoning is at hand! Those astronomers have received their last horoscopes! The stars spell blood for astronomy!”

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