Meet the Board: Constantinos and Demi

A Spanish author once wrote that “coincidences are the scars of fate”. Since I happen to really like that author, when I coincidentally stumbled upon Writers Block for the first time I knew fate was calling me. Or perhaps it was calling me off… Oh well, I guess it’s too late now. At least I managed to get the treasurer role, and that means that I finally found a use for my math degree (c’mon that counts). Oh yeah, I forgot to mention that I finished a math and stat degree (boooring) before coming to my senses and doing the 180 career change to study English Literature, which I adored for so long. I think I should write something about hobbies now, but playing table tennis and chess does not seem particularly relevant. But since I made it relevant now, I am telling you that I really like table tennis, chess and foosball. Ha, bet you didn’t expect that last one. Also dogs. And ice cream. Especially Ben and Jerry’s. Chocolate Fudge Brownie. Hate Cookie Dough. 

More about that shady Spanish author on my first article!

“Motivated and determined”; “social and creative”; “a cheerful, loving girl”; “caring”; “full of life”; and “stubborn”.

Hi, my name is Demi, and these are a few of the phrases that my closest friends and family came up with when asked to describe me briefly—that last one clearly came from my brother. I have to admit that this is about as subjective a view you’re going to get because I highly doubt my Mom would ever describe me as anything negative, but still, I figured that the people closest to me could describe me better than I ever could. Work smarter not harder, right?

I’d also like to add that I’m a big music lover. I love a lot of different types of music; from Adele to Volbeat, and from Lady Gaga to Mumford & Sons. Music has always inspired me. It’s what made me want to write stories, and this ultimately led me to Writer’s Block, where I’ll be the Secretary during the upcoming year. Whilst I could never hope for you to know who I am after this small introduction, I do hope you’ll get to know me a bit more through my articles, that I’m looking forward to writing for you. 

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