Meet the Board: Chelsea and Jeremy

Do you know that feeling of closing a good book? That dull thud of the pages being pressed together at last? What you really want is to open the book again, search every single page for that secret entrance that allows you to enter and live in the pages of the story forever. But who says things are ever really ‘finished’? I say: As long as stories live inside our heads, as long as their words lay on our tongues, nothing is ever really final.

Ironically, ‘final’ is where I come in here. I’m Chelsea and I’m one of the final editors this year. And yes, frankly I am here to press that ‘final’ stamp on your work but this is actually its real beginning. I will make sure that your words reach their best potential and are absolutely perfect before they are published.

Besides this, I am excited to give life to my own words. You can expect my articles to cover anything, from queerness, feminism and race to philosophical ramblings about the meaning of life. I can’t wait to explore our creativity together and to read all your art and offer it the life it deserves!

After a year’s worth of Writer’s Block knowledge, I have to admit, I’m only now ready for the insane amount of shitty poetry we’ll receive. Don’t get me wrong, what people submit to us literally makes the magazine exist, there have been poets who deserve the biggest spotlight we could provide, short story writers whose worlds lived on far beyond their 2000 word limit and photos, paintings, scribbles and so much more art that is more aptly awed at than categorized. At the same time, we’ve received poems that talk about kissing as though someone were shoving their tongue down another’s throat, or rhymes and imagery that have been so overdone they might as well be Ancient Roman graffiti. I’m not here to discourage you from submitting, give it your best shot, at the very least you made yourself part of the conversation, and who knows, you might even have something great to say.

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