Meet the Board: Rebecca, Stella and Elis

Hello to whomever happens to be reading this, I’m Elis and I will be the social media manager for Writer’s Block this year. I am a fairly inconsistent person, and my writing often reflects that, so don’t expect any of my articles to have anything to do with each other. I moved around a lot as a babe but spent most of my years in San Francisco, which formed me into the bizarre bubble of energy that I am today. As anyone who has ever met me knows, I’m not only an open book, I don’t even seem to have a cover, so anticipate a lot of emotionally driven articles from me. I hope to be able to get Writer’s Block a bigger online following this year on all of our social media platforms, and am delighted to see where this amusing journey takes me. 

Hey folks, my name is Rebecca and I’ll be Graphic Designer for this year’s Writer’s Block Magazine Board! That title is amusing to me, seeing that if you had told me a year ago that I would be a “designer”, I probably would have told you you’ve got the wrong girl. I’ve only recently allowed myself to accept this aspect of my identity: I am an artist. I enjoy making and experiencing art more than anything! Since I’ve embodied this creative spirit inside me I have drawn, painted, and digitally illustrated my heart out—and now I’ve turned to Writer’s Block to further my creative self-exploration. You can expect from my articles sincere and personal musings on whatever topics spend time living rent-free in my brain, while I work hard making the magazine look it’s very best. My advice to you, dear reader, is to stop holding yourself back, and I promise I will attempt to do the same in return.

No beginning, no end, and yourself in the center; a portion of the halo never leaving your skin. Its thrilling spin, its dizzying embrace, its touch light yet compelling … and a ring-shaped future, an infinity already imagined – and then, the cruel clattering against the floor. Like a scolding, it keeps you humble. So you submit, bow down, and pick the hula hoop up again.

Other than my off-night occupation, the trial and error of hooping is a metaphor for my relationship with words – but the quest for those rare moments of syntactic smoothness is what made me join Writer’s Block. I’m Stella, the Website Manager, and I’m thrilled about a year of doing weird stuff with words as a part of this amazing, creative bunch!


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