Meet the Board: Eda and Alexandra

“New school year, new me,” I say as I close my newly-bought weekly planner. Cautiously but determinedly wading into the last year of my English BA, I am set on making it count. I have a new planner after all; I must be organized! Alex and I have been entrusted with the care of this admirable magazine, and we both intend to live up to its outstanding legacy. As the former Website Manager, I am familiar with the ins and outs of the Writer’s Block machine, and together with my trusty planner, I am ready to see where this year takes us. Onwards and upwards!

“Your first encounter with the white ocean of nothingness, as inviting as it seems at first, can become frightening. As you have arrived in front of your silent, secular priest, you feel as if the mass of feelings inside of you have desperately retreated to a secluded corner of your soul.” These scattered words, found in one of my articles, are my reaction to seeing an empty page I plan on filling up. I like to believe I am not alone and every writer is met with this feeling, commonly known as Writer’s Block. The cure is labeled with the same name, and takes the form of our beloved magazine, the place where we encourage each other and our contributors to release the deluge of their ideas and emotion and actively work on their writing. That’s the plan, to take care of Writer’s Block, be present, break free of inhibitions and unapologetically smear myself all over the paper.

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  1. phofma says:

    Best of luck guys! Loving the way things have developed in the years since I’ve been gone, and interested to see where you guys will take WB next 🙂

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