Meeting The Board: Megan & Julia

Last but not least, we are proud to present to you our new Social Media Manager and Website Manager!

Megan Leeuw – Social Media Manager


My name is Megan and I’ll be taking over Sona’s role as Social Media Manager. I’m going to do my best to try to post that #relatable and maybe even #inspirational content on twitter and Instagram (which won’t be a problem because I’m currently wasting my life away on social media anyway). Currently in the second year of English Language and Culture and couldn’t be happier that I’m finally studying something that I love. I can’t wait to become a hot shot editor at a fancy publishing house when I become a ‘real adult’ with a ‘real job’ and to own at least two alpaca’s, three cats, a couple of goats and maybe some sheep, so I can open up a petting zoo if the editor thing fails. I’m also half Irish, half Dutch but I’ll stop bugging you about that.

Can’t wait to read everyone’s wonderful submissions and to start working with my fellow board members.

Julia Neugarten – Website Manager


Hi, I’m Julia and I’ll be in charge of Writer’s Block’s website this year.

I am a student of English as well as Literary & Cultural Analysis. I own too many handbags and a guinea pig named Zebra. I fight to undo the dog person/cat person binary as well as all that high culture/low culture nonsense so expect pieces from me on stuff like that. If you ever see me in the hallways and want to talk about Hamilton, do not hesitate.

I’m excited for my year with WB, to learn more about editing and to make a bunch of cool new friends.



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