Meeting The Board: Dorus & Casper

Writer’s Block Magazine is proud to present this year’s final editors, Dorus and Casper.

Dorus Asselbergs

IMG_2349.jpg wordt weergegeven

My name is Dorus and I’m one of Writer’s block’s Final editors. I love to party, watch movies, listen to music for hours and unsurprisingly write.To me, story telling is not only fun, a nice way to relax or interesting, but also very, very necessary. Therefore, helping beginning authors to achieve their goals is something I feel honored to do. I also just really like the exclusive sweaters we get. 

Casper Rudolph

IMG_2352.jpg wordt weergegeven

The name’s Casper, born on the 26th of September in the year 1991, and I’m a writer, musician and comic book nerd. I’m also back as your friendly neighborhood final editor at Writer’s Block magazine, and I’m looking forward to another year of wonderful submissions and publications. As for my own work, I write fiction (psychedelic fantasy, sci-fi, lucid dreams, defamiliarized mundane crap, you name it), essays about whatever topic comes to mind, and reviews of Batman comics over at I also sing and play the guitar, and Thrice is and always will be my favorite
band of all time.

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