As Seen on TV: The Bullet Journal


Do regular diaries and planners annoy you? Have you always wanted to design your own schedule? Do store-bought machine-made agendas feel useless to you? Do not look any further, because the solution is here! Introducing the bullet journal: notebook with dotted, numbered pages. Ready for you and your pen to draw up your schedule the way your heart desires to.

The possibilities are endless. Remember how your high school agenda had limited space and numbered lines? That problem is out of the window with a bullet journal. You draw the lines, you make the boxes, and you fill it in however you want to on whatever page you want to. You will be the ruler. Always wanted an empty page to doodle in? A bullet journal offers you plenty of empty pages to doodle in! Just want simple boxes and lines to write on? You’re all set with a bullet journal: just pick a page and draw those lines! Don’t know what to do with those fun polaroid pictures you took on October 13th while drunk at your best friend’s cat’s birthday party? Just stick them right into your bullet journal and you will be able to remind everyone of that wild night whenever you want.

Do you feel the desire to start tracking your habits, get a good look at your sleeping schedule, or do you just like making lists? The bullet journal might be the perfect solution for you. The empty pages with dots to guide you provide the perfect skeleton for whatever kind of tracking system you like. You could even use colored markers to jazz it all up however you want to. Away with all the different apps that are supposed to help you and say hello to your new best friend: the bullet journal.

Simple lines or intricate drawings on which you write down the movies you have seen or want to see, or the books you have read or want to read. More simple lines to jot down your expenses or cute little drawings to color when you’ve saved 10 more euros. A table in which you color a block a day when you message your mom or go to the gym. Inspirational fake-deep quotes to give you strength. A bullet journal is the perfect medium to use to write all of this in and do even more.

Do you struggle with remembering all your passwords? Do you feel like a man from the FBI is snooping into your computer? Do you want to feel what it’s like to physically write again? The bullet journal solves all of these problems. Carry it around wherever you go and don’t lose it out of sight in order to be safe from thieves and the Illuminati. Look at the ink flowing on that beautifully dotted page. Sniff it. Enjoy it. Lick it. Become one with it.

Want to feel accomplished at the end of the day? Use a bullet journal to make lists and fill them with the most trivial things in order to be able to cross them off. Breathing? Check. Blinking? Check. Feeding my cat? Check. Feeding myself? Check. Following Writer’s Block on Instagram? CHECK[1]. No need to get creative like those crazy Pinterest moms, you can make it all as easy as you want to.

But wait: get yourself a bullet journal now and get your shit together for free. Stop doing whatever you are doing right now and run to whatever stationary store or website to find yourself a bullet journal. I’m a Leuchtturm 1917 A5 dotted notebook[2] and I will be waiting for you to come buy me. Please, I just want to feel loved.


[2] I have been using the Leuchtturm 1917 for over 8 months now and I can tell you: there is nothing wrong with it. You could, however, opt for any other notebook, even that really old one you have lying around somewhere in your room.

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