Horoscopes 2018


We are already two months into 2018, however, the year is still young. As Writer’s Block’s astrology aficionado, I bring to you your 2018 horoscope.


The cards you throw slice through the curtains. The light falls in, leaving patterns on the floor, on the walls, the furniture, on you. You move the coffee table just an inch. It is now a masterpiece.


The soapbox beckons. Ascend it, see the world gather ‘round. Look upon the horizon, where the sun meets the trees. Deep breath in. And release.


A snowball lies at the top of the hill. With a little push, it’ll roll, slide, grow, until it is unrecognisable. Do not fear, the same snowball still exists. It has just changed.


The stage is set. The lights are bright. You do not know it yet, but it shines for you. Pushed into the deep end, you must improvise. The audience will undoubtedly stand to applaud.


The ghosts that hide underneath your bed are reaching out to you. Do not let them grab hold. Let the sun in, reach for it. This star is permanent and will lead you further than you’d thought.


The pendulum swings. The room is silent, the lack of ticking burns into your ears. But no matter. You swing into the right. Forget the burning, before you swing back to the left.


When the vase of marbles knocks over, do not be surprised when they line up behind you. Let them roll behind you, follow you. Your presence is not unnoticed.


A hurricane rages across the ocean. Winds blow across the waters. The rains pours down. It harms nothing on the sea. But beware for land.


On the platform, in the grim late-winter, your stop comes up on the announcements. It will be arriving shortly, with no expected delays.


The fog on the mirror begins to clear. The frost melts from the windshields. With a little help, you can see clearer. Do what you can to help yourself.


The call resonates deep within your veins, setting flames to your limbs. Let it consume you. The smoke clouds rise and gather, telling those around you the truth.


A minuscule mountain of dust sits in the palms of your hands. With caution, it can remain there, keeping you warm. Without caution, it will slip right through your fingers.

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