Game of Thrones: A Conference of Ice and Fire

On June 22nd, when the rest of the country will be celebrating the start of Summer, Winter is coming to Amsterdam.

With the start of season 7 of Game of Thrones just a few weeks away, study associations Etcetera, AAS, VOS, and Writer’s Block Magazine are organizing a conference in honour of George R.R. Martin’s epic dragon-starring blood-and-gore tale. Have you always wondered about how writers like Martin and Tolkien manage to create such vast and sensational fantasy worlds? Are you fascinated by the characters’ warmongering? Is Dothraki your second language? If you answered all the above with “yes!” or “sek!”, grab your fur cloak and join us at CREA for this legendary evening.

The hall opens at 18.30 and we will hold the door for you until 19.00. After the conference you are welcome to join us for drinks and snacks at CREA Café. The conference is free for all students and only €5 for non-students. Please fill in the Google Forms if you want to attend.

Sponsored by Waterstones

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