Meeting the board: Anna, Elise and Sophie

The last members to introduce themselves are Anna, Elise and Sophie!

Anna de Boer – Social media manager

annaI will be this year’s Social Media manager for Writer’s Block. I’m a second year English student and my interests lay in literary theory and medieval literature. I find it fascinating how religion got to have such an amazing impact on life, whether you are part of it or not. Although I find literary work incredibly interesting, I find myself going frequently bankrupt for buying up the whole YA section in Waterstones. Nothing makes me more happy than making music and listening to music and I find that what interests me about music also interests me about books: “We are all stories after all”. My writing varies from deep existential self-help articles to monthly favourites, to cheesy lyrics and book reviews. I always thought so many things were interesting and never saw a reason to choose only one, after which I procrastinate it all and go watch vlogs. As if living in Amsterdam wasn’t expensive enough, I will also use any excuse to plan trips and visit friends abroad and it’s still on my bucket list have lived in London, Paris and New York. In the meantime I will just embrace these places through the kitchen. I’m guilty of taking pictures of food and laughing at my own jokes, but hey I might just be really funny (or not. probably not).

Elise van der Linde – Graphic design

eliseThis 20-year-old Aruban girl will be Writer’s Block brand new graphic designer. I’ll be making some sick layouts for the magazine, writing horoscopes and maybe some experimental pieces (in more than one language, I hope). Besides writing and designing, I’ll be running around with a camera, trying to get right angles of books, coffee, and co-members, some of which you’ll find on WB many social media sites.

Besides experimental writing (read: prose-fragments that could be poetry if you changed the line-breaks), you can catch me enjoying knitting, looking up slow-cooker recipes, pretending to garden, writing (bad) horoscopes, and planning imaginary trips across the globe. Furthermore, I’m a mother of two cats, a lover of instagram, forest-walker, and a bike-rider-in-training.

Please don’t ask me to be on time, I’m approximately 10 minutes late to everything.

Sophie van Hellenberg Hubar – Website manager


Having completed my bachelor’s in Utrecht, I have now arrived in Amsterdam to do the master’s program redacteur/editor. That being the case, I thought it would be nice to gain some editing experience – so here I am. I well remember when my love for literature started: I was eleven years old and I watched the BBC adaptation of Pride and Prejudice with my mother. One thing led to another, and now my cat is called Miss Elisabeth Bennet. Later on in life, I’d like to have an extremely fluffy and grumpy-faced cat called Lady Catherine the Bourgh, and a small, black one called Mister Collins.

Moving on: I feel very passionate about food. I love cooking, baking, eating en talking about food. I dislike people who do not exclaim when eating something delicious. Furthermore, I love dancing (quickstep is my favorite), swimming, crochet (still learning), jigsaw puzzles, Harry Potter marathons, autumn, board games, socks with animals on them, bookstores and movies (preferably featuring Lee Pace or Meryl Streep – though for slightly different reasons).



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