Meeting the board: David, Luc, Rachel and Tom

Second in line for the introductions are David, Luc, Rachel en Tom!

David Kleinsteuber – Treasurer & Final website editor
Hey, I’m David! Since last year I’ve been the treasurer and final website editor at Writer’s Block, and I’ll be continuing my work in those functions once more! This means that I manage the finances at WB and that I make sure that any articles posted on the website are free from errors (so if you see any mistakes on the site, you know who to blame! :D).

Like Paul, I’m bit of an infiltrator as I don’t actually study English, and I’m just finishing my BA in Philosophy. I can get pretty dreamy and confused, but sometimes I feel that my confusion is legitimate. In those cases, I actively try to pursue that confusion to see what I can make of it.

Should you and I ever meet, go on a date, have a great time, go on more dates, get married, have a kid, have more kids, include each other in our wills, grow old together, make a demonic blood pact with the devil, become immortal, become satanic rulers of the world – should I, during all this, tell you that I love you, know that this is a lie. The first and last love in my life is burritos. I have a large heart, but in the end it is truly the heart of a wrapper, and it only has place for burritos.

I kid, though. In truth I’m a big sentimental hippy, and I really look forward to reading your submissions and to helping contribute to the great platform for expression that Writer’s Block can be!


Luc de Vries – Final editor


All the way from Nijmegen comes a new final editor. He is twenty-two years old, and he weighs in at a malnourished 74 kilos. Add an Arian face mixed with a few years of self-induced sleep deprivation and you have Luc de Vries.


Currently in the third year toward my English BA, I have developed a passion for literature over my three years here in Amsterdam. Living in a room of about eight point five square meters, I have run out of shelves for my book collection about two years ago. I am currently resorting to sorting new purchases in piles on the ground. Eventually, I’ll probably read one or two of them. That’s what entering an English BA does to you.

Next to reading and writing, my other interests lay with film and music. I try to check out as much as possible, even if it’s not my thing. Also, while I don’t like to admit it all that much, I am a big fan of videogames in my spare time.

If you meet me at one of the borrels, don’t hesitate to walk up to me for a chat about any of these things. I’ll buy you a beer.


Rachel Aisa-Bonoko – Email secretary


Hello, I’m Rachel! Writing about myself isn’t my forte, but I’ll give it a try. I’m the secretary of this year’s board, which means that I am in charge of responding and answering e-mails. Apart from that I’ll also write monthly articles for the website. I’m in my third year of the English bachelor and very excited about being in Writer’s Block! I’m interested in a lot of things, but I particularly love everything related to the arts. In my free time I like to read a variety of different genres (I’m not stuck to a particular one), paint portraits, when I have the time and run long distance.  I’m an animal lover (dogs, especially) but unfortunately don’t own any myself. Before moving to Amsterdam at 18 I lived in Panama for a couple of years where my interest in South American literature grew—authors like Gabriel Garcia Marquez, Isabel Allende and Pablo Neruda ( amongst others) were part of my school curriculum, and their work hold a special place in my heart.  Anyway, I think this is enough information about me for today. I hope you’ve come to know some things about me through this short description 🙂


Tom van Veenendaal – Secretary & Final editor


I’m the keeper of meeting minutes and one of the final editors for this year’s Writer’s Block board. Captivated by the broad essays of Hazlitt and Carlyle, the prose and botany of Ruskin, the poetry of John Clare and the late Sir Geoffrey Hill, and the stories of John Updike, I look for the rich sensuality of literature everywhere. Since my roommates crave peace and I cannot provide it, I am always on the road, on the look-out for literary and social events, often visited under false pretenses, or wandering to some unknown location… At night I return and read from tarnished volumes with heart’s ease. After first hearing Górecki’s Third Symphony, I became possessed by Norman Mailer’s Mind of an Outlaw, and that “cyst of the weak, the unreal, and the needy” broke in me too. Assisted by the modern trinity of art, women and alcohol, I try and live as a volcano of sedition, raising hell and enjoying this resplendent world, in which it remains a luxury to draw the breath of life.

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