Erasure Poem: Belong. Long to Be.


If you ask me who my favorite author is, I would have to say Melina Marchetta. I have only discovered her books this year, but to me, Marchetta’s novels are like nothing else I have ever read. There is something about her stories, about the way she describes people and relationships and communities that just blows my mind with each novel I read. This particular poem I created from the second page of the second chapter in Jellicoe Road (2010), for no reason other than that it was the first full page in the novel. And yet, surprisingly enough, I feel like this particular page happens to capture the main feeling of the story. The book actually tells two different stories that interact and interchange as the plot progresses, and both stories are a little bit melancholic and a little bit bittersweet. The theme of belonging (“Belong. Long to be.”) is probably the most important aspect of the book and that’s what I wanted this poem to focus on.



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