The Revolution Mixtape

revolutionI ain’t gonna work on Maggie’s farm no more. Well, I wake up in the morning. Fold my hands and pray for the rain. I got a head full of ideas that are driving me insane. It’s a shame she makes me scrub the floor.

These lines mark the first sentences of a song by the impeccable Bob Dylan: his acclaimed “Maggie’s Farm”–approximately 23 plays today, still counting. Apart from its blues characteristics and musical arrangements, of which I have no expertise whatsoever, this song from 1965 still has enormous relevance today. Writer’s Block Magazine has offered me a great platform this past year to write about cultural developments‒digitalisation in photography, the humanities, the online zeitgeist, and many more‒notwithstanding the existential angst in writing about this wide range of topics. So while I’m looking for yet another internship, working yet another job on the side with minimum wage, I can only move up and down the postmodern ladder of existential angst and creativity and conclude that it’s been more than worth it just to create works of writings in a team of which its members have continuously proven themselves to be more than a random group of crazy, university students. So I propose to move on Kantian and Enlightenment’s ‘Sapere Aude!’ (Dare to know!) and usher in the period of ‘Dare to create!’. Not without a Revolution Mixtape though. Oh, did I mention our next issue’s theme is, par accident, ‘Revolution’?


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