Erasure Poem: Where we think that information produces meaning, the opposite occurs

Isabel Erasure Poem (May)

A while ago I shared an erasure poem with you that I made with a page from a book I thoroughly enjoyed. This poem is not at all a consequence of love, but of utter confusion. I don’t think I ever took longer to read a single page before I was assigned to read this (deceitfully short) essay by Jean Baudrillard for a philosophy of science course. Five pages of puzzling theories about the inflation of information and the (possibly consequential) deflation of meaning, simulacra and simulations, that were frustrating to read and thus very enjoyable to efface with the strokes of a black marker.

The full text of Baudrillard’s “The Implosion of Meaning in the Media” from Simulacra and Simulations can be read here.


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