Writer’s Block Happenings – To Christmas and Beyond!

The weather outside is frightful, but that doesn’t mean there are not awesome things to do out there! This is your final dose of WB-approved activities happening in and around Amsterdam for the year, but we hope these will tide you over to 2015. Enjoy, and we’ll see you next year!

December 8, 4-6 pm – Boston Tea Party @ Leeuwenkuil P.C. Hoofthuis In light of the upcoming 241st anniversary of the renowned Boston Tea Party event, the Amsterdam Americanist Society (AAS) and Etcetera have joined forces to organize a High tea. The High Tea will consist of a couple of teachers that will give a small talk about the event itself. There will also be a multitude of cakes and tea. E-mail Etcetera if you want to attend!

December 9, 8 pm – Geesteswetenschappen onder vuur (SLAA) @ Perdu
Engage in a discussion about the humanities, organised by SLAA (Stichting Literaire Activiteiten Amsterdam). More info and tickets: http://www.slaa.nl/events/geesteswetenschappen-onder-vuur.

From December 10 – The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies (3D) Ah, it’s Christmas time again! This means a new Hobbit film is hitting the cinemas and again causing disputes amongst fans and haters. A thrilling adventure or a soulless film that’s merely exploiting Tolkien’s legacy? It’s for you to decide! In selected cinemas all over Amsterdam.

December 11 – Etcetera’s Drinks! @ Molly Malone’s from 20.00 It’s time for another edition of our infamous drinks.

December 11 – Evening with James Wood (De Gids) @ De Rode Hoed
Titled ‘Serious Noticing: Life, Death, Detail’, this evening’s theme centers around James Wood’s book How Fiction Works. Wood is a British literary critic, one of the most prominent ones in English literature. Tickets €11,50 for students.

From December 14Frozen Sing-a-Long Did you think that the Frozen hype finally ended? Think again! It’s back and now your fellow cinemagoers can even yodel “Let It Go” along with you! Don’t forget to bring popcorn and earplugs. In selected cinemas all over Amsterdam.

December 14, 4 pm – Emily Dickinson (SLAA) @ De Nieuwe Liefde
Poetry Sunday with the fantastic works of Emily Dickinson. Tickets are €10,- for students.

From December 18 – What We Do in the Shadows A hilarious mockumentary from the creators of Flight of the Conchords and Eagles vs. Shark that follows four vampires from very different centuries. Promises to be the best horror comedy since Shaun of the Dead. We hope you like fake blood. In selected cinemas all over Amsterdam.

December 19 FGW Gala 2014 @ Odeon 22.00-04.00 Are you into prom dresses and suits? Come join your fellow humanities’ students at our annual prom. Tickets are €10, you can bring non-UvA related dates and friends.

December 19 (20:15) and 20 (16:00, 20:15) – Kiss Me Kate the Musical @ Universiteitstheater The Windmill Theatre Group associated with our English department have joined up their creative spirits to create their version of this entertaining Cole Porter musical. Come to support them and have a great time!

December 19, 8.30 pm – Hoe overleef ik ironie? (Dutch) @ De Balie
Explore the thin line between sincerity and irony. Discussion with amongst others Joost de Vries, writer of the essaybook Vechtmemoires. Tickets (€7,50 for students) and info:


Don’t forget there’s a whole slew of events from the last few weeks that might still be going on! The complete list of events is always featured on the right of the page, so use the search function if you’re looking for info on a specific event that’s not on the above list. Do you happen to have a really good suggestion for the next edition of WB Happenings? Let us know through writerssblock@gmail.com, and we might include your suggestion in the next edition! Happy holidays from the WB Happenings team!

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