We’re only human / Column Block

We as editors of Writer’s Block have decided to start a new series of columns, of which this is the first. Our aim with this is to write about the things that us editors encounter whilst being a part of the Writer’s Block editorial board.

Having read so many work sent in by you, it’s daunting to start writing ourselves. We have to be such grammar nazi’s about your work, so how to write our first column ever? We want to get the best out of your work, however, we are, not infallible either. Most members of our board are aspiring writers as well; we understand that writing is not easy, and it is even harder to show your work to others and be criticized.

So with that in mind, what would be a suitable subject for an editorial column? Why not to show you how hard it is for us to write a column open to your critics. Let’s see if we can write a column that lives up to our own standards.

Where to start, where are we going? Can we make grammatical errors? What will our fellow editors say? As we mentioned before, the task is daunting, to say the least. We are the first editors of Writer’s Block to write a column for our website, however all the editors have to face the same challenge as we are facing right now. So what now? Writer’s Block? Column Block? Blocking our column, blogging our column, blogging our block? We don’t know. We thought it fitting to write about our difficulty to write a column. So here we are writing, thinking, delving deeper into an abyss of despair. How will we ever reach our target of 500 words, or rather, will we ever reach it? It feels like we’re trying to make a deadline, with all our readers , writers and editors as our professors.

We are nearing our end now, thankfully. We can assure you, it was quite the ordeal. This still has to be approved by the editors. Let’s hope they are kind to us. Five more words. Done! Or… ?

Joeri Vrouwenvelder & Joshua Swart

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