The Struggles of a Blocked Writer

Everyone who writes regularly knows the feeling of a complete and utter lack of inspiration. It doesn’t matter whether you’re a professional or an amateur, we are all faced by this uncomfortable feeling of not knowing what to write about, or how to continue a piece that we’ve written. Every idea feels unoriginal, every wordContinue reading “The Struggles of a Blocked Writer”

A Second Introduction: the Thoughts of a Wannabe Philosopher, Writer and Adventurer

I’ve always been interested in writing, but I didn’t think of it as something I could do. I always thought; “I can’t write, why bother.” Still, the question lingered in the back of my mind: “what If I could?” And finally, a bit over a year ago, I thought I’d give it a try. IContinue reading “A Second Introduction: the Thoughts of a Wannabe Philosopher, Writer and Adventurer”

Synergy: Writers and Editors in Collaboration

“You don’t try to reverse the river or get it to jump over a mountain, you harness its flow and energy to gently urge that it join up with other tributaries.” David Byrne 1. Introduction Contrary to popular belief, I don’t think that writing is a lonesome activity. Granted, like many writers I spend aContinue reading “Synergy: Writers and Editors in Collaboration”

Writer’s Block Doesn’t Exist – Part 4: Choir of Voices

“Your writing voice is the deepest possible reflection of who you are. The job of your voice is not to seduce or flatter or make well-shaped sentences. In your voice, your readers should be able to hear the contents of your mind, your heart, your soul.” — Meg Rosoff 0. PREVIOUSLY Hark! David Kleinsteuber recountsContinue reading “Writer’s Block Doesn’t Exist – Part 4: Choir of Voices”

Writer’s Block Doesn’t Exist – Part 3: Talent and Practice

  “Writing is really just a matter of writing a lot, writing consistently and having faith that you’ll continue to get better and better. Sometimes, people think that if they don’t display great talent and have some success right away, they won’t succeed. But writing is about struggling through and learning and finding out whatContinue reading “Writer’s Block Doesn’t Exist – Part 3: Talent and Practice”

Review: Ghost Stories (2000)

  Look, I wasn’t planning on doing monthly anime reviews. Truth be told, I kind of hate anime overall. Whether it be shōnen, shōjo, or whatever—I will never be able to get over the standard tropes like “magical girl” transformation sequences, “harems”, or the closely related (not to mention, hypersexualized) fanservice that gushes from everyContinue reading “Review: Ghost Stories (2000)”

Embracing Solitude

Despite what movies like Into the Wild (2007) might like us to believe at times, our Western culture is certainly not a friendly place for lone wolves. Most of us would, for example, feel uncomfortable when sitting by ourselves in a bar or restaurant – and I certainly recall myself wondering at times, when IContinue reading “Embracing Solitude”

Why Write for a Public?

  There’s a question that I’ve been putting off, and I can’t really get around it any longer. I’ve been confused about the problem for a while now, and now that a friend’s recently pointed it out again I can’t ignore it any longer with a clear conscience. I feel that my question – andContinue reading “Why Write for a Public?”

2016: A Hipster Odyssey (The End of a Trend)

A last, weary breath of summer cloaks Amsterdam. The September heatwave has even the most zealous sunbathers clinging to their electric fans, and their freezers stuffed with Festini popsicles. Outside, meandering over roads of angry trams and taxi drivers, a lone man braves the weather with utmost determination. His bike lets out a rusty whineContinue reading “2016: A Hipster Odyssey (The End of a Trend)”