Fragrant Stillness

Because of things not even rememberedwe are herelistening to the water W. S. Merwin Portugal is a popular holiday destination for people living in Europe. The cobbled, historic cities of Lisbon and Porto, the adrenaline-soaked surf destinations of Peniche and Nazaré, the idyllic beaches of the Algarve, the fresh sardines and pastel de nata, theContinue reading “Fragrant Stillness”

Internationalism 1: Dutch Power Distance AKA Why We Protest So Much

This article presents the first in a series of five about international students at the UvA English department, intended to explore some of the differences and similarities faced when studying abroad. In order to structure these as clearly as possible each of the articles will explore a single ‘pillar’ of Hofstede’s model of Cultural DimensionsContinue reading “Internationalism 1: Dutch Power Distance AKA Why We Protest So Much”