If Climate Change Means the End of the World, Why Am I Not Scared?

Climate change is a big deal. I try my best: recycling, avoiding single-use plastic, not eating meat. Such small changes help to clear the conscience but don’t infringe on my day to day life. But, if you asked me to stop flying, to never drive a car, or to consider not having children on theContinue reading “If Climate Change Means the End of the World, Why Am I Not Scared?”

It’s Not Your Fault You’re Self-Loathing

Content Warning: This article goes into war crimes, PTSD and abuse; if these subject matters would trigger some thoughts or feelings that you’d rather not deal with, please avoid this article and stay healthy. What do we feel when we feel hatred? Not just the ol’ “I’m throwing a tissue on the floor cause I’mContinue reading “It’s Not Your Fault You’re Self-Loathing”

In Defense of Anarchism

I have to admit, every time my phone beeps with a CNN News alert, I am scared to even look at what it says. What is it this time, I think, another mass shooting, another terrifying study on the near-irreversibility of climate change? In this era of social media, it is almost impossible to avoidContinue reading “In Defense of Anarchism”

I Picked a Side — Now What?

“Cowardice was undoubtedly one of the most terrible vices – thus spoke Yeshua Ha-Nozri. ‘No, philosopher, I disagree with you: it is the most terrible vice!’” Mikhail Bulgakov 1. Introduction On the 23rd of September, we celebrate Bi Visibility Day in order to help raise awareness for bisexual people who are marginalized and to fightContinue reading “I Picked a Side — Now What?”