Identity and Societal Issues in Zootopia: Disney Doing It Right

  I like the direction Disney is heading into lately. While caucasian princesses and male superheroes singing jolly songs and going on quirky adventures are as popular as ever, Disney’s Studios show that they are also capable of addressing more serious issues – in a non-threatening, more cuddly way. An example of this is theContinue reading “Identity and Societal Issues in Zootopia: Disney Doing It Right”

Celebrating Mental Illness

There is a new trend going on in Media Land, and it is called Mental Illness. Nowadays, in more and more movies and series our protagonists are haunted and troubled by one or another psychological disorder. Be it depression, autism, AD(H)D, or – a very popular one – social anxiety. Another common feature of ourContinue reading “Celebrating Mental Illness”


Let’s talk about food. No, not the delicious new hamburger joint around the corner, the fact that your mom makes the best nasi goreng in town, or how much you like that particular chocolate ice cream they sell at that particular supermarket. Let’s talk about what food actually means to us, aside from how itContinue reading “Intolerance”

Unnecessarily Gendered

As a feminist and someone who is interested in gender theory, I like to observe how gender plays out in our society. A while ago, I found an advertisement on the internet for – yes – manly detergent. The ad was an overdose of robust, dark colours, earthy patterns and vintage pictures of men inContinue reading “Unnecessarily Gendered”

The Heart of a Writer

Last summer, two things happened. Firstly, one of my all-time favourite childhood heroes, Satoru Iwata, the CEO of Nintendo, passed away. As a gamer and an enormous Nintendo fan, I mourn his death, and with me many others. Across various social media, one of Iwata’s most famous quotes was posted over and over again: “OnContinue reading “The Heart of a Writer”