Independent and Dependant Antigua

An intersectional approach to the racist colonial hierarchies instilled within Antigua’s national identity Britain has irrevocably moulded the national identity of Antiguans. Europe has incessantly meddled with the inner workings of Antiguan society while profiting off of the people they deem as inferior. The inferiority that Britain established and that Europe at large perpetuates isContinue reading “Independent and Dependant Antigua”

Gender Equality in North Korea

This is not a communist country; it is a dictatorship. At no point am I defending a dictatorship. As an anarchist I would never defend an unquestioned authority subjugating their people. The Supreme Leader of the DPRK has allowed for nothing but pageantry and poverty to engulf the entirety of its people. Where lies aboutContinue reading “Gender Equality in North Korea”

Not All Flags Are Created Equal

Eddie Izzard has a short comedy sketch where he presents the history of the UK’s empire through a flag and a pistol. When imitating India and the UK, Izzard counters India’s protest at being colonized by saying: “No flag, no country, you can’t have one!” He begins the sketch by explaining that: “We built upContinue reading “Not All Flags Are Created Equal”

If Climate Change Means the End of the World, Why Am I Not Scared?

Climate change is a big deal. I try my best: recycling, avoiding single-use plastic, not eating meat. Such small changes help to clear the conscience but don’t infringe on my day to day life. But, if you asked me to stop flying, to never drive a car, or to consider not having children on theContinue reading “If Climate Change Means the End of the World, Why Am I Not Scared?”

Mental Health in the Workplace: How Capitalism Destroys Leisure

You know that feeling you get when you know you should be studying or working, but you’re watching Netflix instead? That gut-wrenching guilt that comes not just with procrastination, but also with doing anything with your free time that’s not school/work related? That’s a result of capitalism. In my article In Defense of Anarchism, IContinue reading “Mental Health in the Workplace: How Capitalism Destroys Leisure”

Will History Repeat Itself? Looking Back at the 1920s to Predict What’s in Store in the 2020s

The 1920s, glamorised and celebrated in books and films, seems like an anomaly in history. With such vivid iconography, it’s a struggle to remember anything about the decade other than flappers, Gatsby, art deco, and jazz. It feels entirely separate from the rest of the early twentieth century and its two world wars. But, sayingContinue reading “Will History Repeat Itself? Looking Back at the 1920s to Predict What’s in Store in the 2020s”

In Defense of Anarchism

I have to admit, every time my phone beeps with a CNN News alert, I am scared to even look at what it says. What is it this time, I think, another mass shooting, another terrifying study on the near-irreversibility of climate change? In this era of social media, it is almost impossible to avoidContinue reading “In Defense of Anarchism”