What the heck does it mean to be an adult?

Are you in your twenties or nearing them? If yes, does the concept of adulthood scare you? Have you ever broken out into a cold sweat when someone asks: so what do you want to do in life? Do you feel nervous and a little jittery when other people your age start talking about getting jobs and ‘participating in society’? Have you ever experienced nausea when they mention they’re thinking about getting married, having children, buying a house and getting a mortgage? Then you’re not alone! I have experienced those things myself numerous times.

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Diary Fragments III: A Lincoln Lullaby

Friends, oh my friends,
I hope you’re somewhere, smiling.
Just know I think about you…
—Father John Misty


—For J-Wow & Polly

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On Nostalgia

I cracked my phone last week. Not to weird flex, but it was my second time cracking a phone. My first one was this old pink ‘LG touch screen something’ ten years ago. Again, not to weird flex, but I was shook when I found my phone cracked. It happened on my bed, of all places, and I suspect it was my laptop’s doing. I still don’t understand how I cracked my phone. And actually, I’m still waiting for the moment I will wake up and see my phone isn’t cracked.

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