Diary Fragments III: A Lincoln Lullaby

Friends, oh my friends,
I hope you’re somewhere, smiling.
Just know I think about you…
—Father John Misty


—For J-Wow & Polly

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The way we look at history


Sometimes I stop to think and acknowledge my surroundings—will I be here in a year? I’m always aware of staying and leaving because that’s what I’ve done for a big part of my life. In middle and high-school we are taught history classes and we learn about the important events of the past. I remember that during one of those history classes the teacher made us think about how future generations would remember ours. Many students raised their hand to say that the election of Barack Obama[1] as president of the United States would definitely be on the list of significant events that future generations would still remember and deem as important. The teacher showed us a list of important events of the past that we still choose to remember because of their lasting significance for the world. This lead me to think about the way that humans choose to remember the past and how history can change over time. Continue reading “The way we look at history”