A Piece on Body Image – We’re Not Done Talking About It

A few weeks ago, my father celebrated his 65th birthday. As usual, in getting ready for the big party he was having (at which I was due to perform a few songs in his honour) I found myself lapsing into a woman’s fit – that is, I tried on every suitable outfit in my wardrobeContinue reading “A Piece on Body Image – We’re Not Done Talking About It”

Purple It Was

Purple It Was a short story by C. G. Huff   2 days before. “OK, Mr. Rogers, explain to this bunny how we take Barney out,” Elsje said, sniffing her celery before nibbling on it. “It’s really not all that convoluted,” Mr. Rogers replied, passing her the peanut butter. “Basically, the purple pariah has aContinue reading “Purple It Was”

La Ciénaga

These are hard times for an Amsterdam-based film buff like me. With the socially charged and inexplicable recent evictions of Amsterdam’s Slangenpand and Maagdenhuis, the city centre has also quickly lost two nice venues for interesting and unusual film screenings. Let’s just hope this will never happen to the alternative Filmhuis Cavia, which, in orderContinue reading “La Ciénaga”


During the Christmas holidays I went to see Samba with a friend of mine. A French film; we felt so cultured. I mostly went to get my money’s worth out of my Pathé Unlimited pass, if I’m completely honest. I hadn’t spent much time at the cinema; the Philosophy of Science exams had kept meContinue reading “Samba”