Battle of the Christmas Cookies


*Special thanks to my mother who let me do all this baking back at home and who helped me through all of it.

Christmas is all about receiving gifts, spending time with your family, and most importantly: gaining a lot of weight. In order to contribute to the weight gaining, I decided to bake a lot of cookies for my family this year. Obviously, I want to make a good impression on them (or: I want to pretend like I’m Nigella) so I decided to try out some recipes beforehand. I tried a total of 3 recipes, compared them, ate them, rated them, and had them eaten and rated by the editorial board in order to decide on what would be the perfect type of cookies to bake this Christmas.

Disclaimer: if you are planning on actually baking one of these cookies, I advise you to stick to the instructions given in the original recipes and work off of them since they are original™ and complete. Unless you are a daredevil. In that case, use mine. All judgements but the Writer’s Block ratings are my opinions, feel free to disagree. I will allow you.

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