Restricted Area: Derogatory Words

N.B.: racial slurs and homo-/transphobic slurs are used for demonstration and explanation in this article. As children and teenagers we hear often enough that words do not just have meaning: they can also hurt, although some songs and stories may claim the opposite. If you’re lucky, you’ll experience little of the negative power that wordsContinue reading “Restricted Area: Derogatory Words”

Ghent and Where to Find Books

It is a truth universally acknowledged, that a book lover in possession of just as much as any fortune, must be in want of independent book stores. And even if a book lover has to eat at their parents’ for the rest of the month because their bank account has less than a euro inContinue reading “Ghent and Where to Find Books”

A Rough Guide to Not-Being An Annoying Tourist in Amsterdam

There are not many things I hate in this world. Although there may be quite some things I cannot stand, I try to be an emotional pacifist on a daily basis. Unfortunately, people do things that make me lose my inner Ghandi. That doesn’t mean I punch people, but sometimes I really, really want to.Continue reading “A Rough Guide to Not-Being An Annoying Tourist in Amsterdam”