Erasure Poem: I Would Like to Know

During the last winter months, I dedicated the majority of my time to the creation of my bachelor thesis, which concerned the enigmatic oeuvre of the Argentinian director Lisandro Alonso. Due to a remarkably minimalist and contemplative style, as well as the foregrounding of ‘time’ and ‘duration’ rather than ‘action’ and ‘motion’, his films areContinue reading “Erasure Poem: I Would Like to Know”

Erasure Poem: Dream Actually Happened

A couple of weeks ago, I read the short story Traumnovelle for an elective course on the various interplays between literature and film. Also known as Dream Story, this novella was written in 1926 by the Austrian Arthur Schnitzler, a kindred spirit of Sigmund Freud. In 1999, the acclaimed director Stanley Kubrick turned Schnitzler’s bookContinue reading “Erasure Poem: Dream Actually Happened”

Erasure Poem – Wuthering Heights

As you may have read in our 25th issue, I am dealing with the affliction that is called “I Cannot Seem To Get Through Wuthering Heights” (noteworthy: some of my friends shame me terribly because of this). As I will be attempting to read the Brontë sister’s novel for the fourth time this summer, IContinue reading “Erasure Poem – Wuthering Heights”

Erasure Poem: Where we think that information produces meaning, the opposite occurs

A while ago I shared an erasure poem with you that I made with a page from a book I thoroughly enjoyed. This poem is not at all a consequence of love, but of utter confusion. I don’t think I ever took longer to read a single page before I was assigned to read thisContinue reading “Erasure Poem: Where we think that information produces meaning, the opposite occurs”