The Wide-Stretched Realms of Pride and Prejudice

It is a truth universally acknowledged, that every article written on Pride and Prejudice starts in the same way. Being a huge fan of the book myself, I have looked forward to sharing some of my views on the story for quite a while. Perhaps contrary to expectations, this will not be an article concentratingContinue reading “The Wide-Stretched Realms of Pride and Prejudice”


  Room, written by the Irish author Emma Donoghue, was published in 2010. It was around that same time that I read her novel and now, 6 years later, a film adaptation of the novel has been released, directed by the Irish film director Leonard Abrahamson. Room is about Jack, a 5 year old boy,Continue reading “Room”

Writer’s Block #29

Just in time for the summer holidays, we provide you with the 29th issue of Writer’s Block Magazine! Would you like to discover the winner of our short story competition, read an interview with one of our UvA academics, or learn something more about … the Thai New Year? It’s all in here! Click theContinue reading “Writer’s Block #29”

Writer’s Block #28

Looking for a thesis survival guide, poems about love and death, or simply some gorgeous photographs? Well then, here’s our 28th issue of Writer’s Block Magazine, which you can read online by clicking the cover below. Don’t forget that we’re always looking for submissions for our next issues. Send your work to us at!

Pulp Fiction: I Read Crap and I Struggle with Literature. Shoot Me.

Forgive me, Dante, for I am a sinner. I confess. Do not judge me too harshly, oh Joyce, Tolstoy, Waugh, Saramago, and other greats that collect my dust instead of my readership. I mean well. I feel genuine pleasure and admiration when I muster the will and energy to read your famous words, but thatContinue reading “Pulp Fiction: I Read Crap and I Struggle with Literature. Shoot Me.”

Love, Identity and Shakespeare: Solomon vs. the Foggers and Facilitators

  We consider several different scenarios: in bed together, you eat chocolate, you feel happy and guilty, you eat more chocolate there is a deadline for a Valentine’s Day piece, but the market for articles about the fetishization of love is ironically oversaturated, and you panic to find another perspective

Writer’s Block #27

We are proud to present to you our 27th issue, full of poetry, fiction and artwork by our talented contributors. In addition, the editorial board hopes to broaden your literary horizon and add to your list of must-reads. So what are you waiting for? Sit back, grab your beverage of choice, and enjoy! Click the cover to seeContinue reading “Writer’s Block #27”

Behind the Classic: Charles Dickens and the Politics of Christmas

In the new ‘Behind the Classic’ series, editor-in-chief Roselinde takes you on a trip to well-known novels and their less well-known backstories. In this first, seasonally appropriate instalment, she explores the political backdrop of the most famous Christmas story of all: Charles Dickens’ A Christmas Carol.

Writer’s Block #26

We are so, so excited to present to you the first Writer’s Block of this academic year: Writer’s Block #26. This issue is all about revolution, something that has been very prominent at the UvA this year, with lots of submissions from our own editorial board as our own little rebellion! So sit back, grabContinue reading “Writer’s Block #26”

Unleash Your Inner Angst through a Literary Alter Ego

I have often considered it unfair that the bigwigs of the music scene can split themselves into two by virtue of a stage persona and still be taken seriously. On more than one occasion I have put on my extra-large hoop earrings and demanded that my peers call me Pheyoncé, and on more than oneContinue reading “Unleash Your Inner Angst through a Literary Alter Ego”