Editorial Board 2020-2021

Elis Lipinski is a vivacious young woman who, despite wanting to one day become a professional writer for television shows, does not know how to use a semicolon. She has obsessions with kitsch fashion, her cat Kai, and using dating apps to get free male validation.

If you’ve met me (chances are that if you’re reading this, I’ve already forced you to read something) then here are some quotes of mine you may enjoy:


Fo sho, fo sho

God bless

Some sort of business fish sticker

J’ai l’honneur d’être, etc…

– Jeremy

Demi is bubbly second year English student with simultaneously too much and too little time on her hands. She loves too write, yet struggles finishing any story she comes up with and probably has around fifty unfinished stories saved on her laptop. She can also be found wearing headphones or blasting tunes from her speaker at just about any time of day and is prone to singing along despite her lack of talent (it’s called a “genetic defect” okay).

Chelsea enjoys spending too much money on concerts, living in books, and though she does not particularly enjoy overthinking, she probably spends most of her time doing just that. She explores these thoughts through her passionate writing, and is grateful for you coming on this journey with her. Besides this, Chelsea is currently busy with the Comparative Literature Master.

Ex-introvert turned extrovert, exceptional book eater, excellent foosball player, ex-mathematician and sometimes a little… extra. For some also an ex.


Rebecca enjoys reading about other people’s adventures, and is slowly learning to have some herself. Besides Writer’s Block, you can find her art available on Etsy, and her mind wandering off somewhere it shouldn’t be. She is currently working on completing her research Master’s in Literary Studies here at UvA.

An outspoken feminist and avid socialist, Eda is a reader, writer and speaker of words. She
shares a birthday with King Willem, worships Oscar Wilde, and seeks the approval of every
cat she meets. Oh, and she gave a TedTalk once.

A language nerd, wannabe acrobat and forest elf who relates to plants. Frequently stuck in existential crises. What even are words? Why are things?


Alexandra’s writing tone oscillates between the gut-spilling personal and the clinical, research-based objective. In the course of the following year as Editor-in-Chief, she is set on finding a meeting place between the two, or perhaps something she’s not aware exists within herself  in the present moment. As a journalist of her inner world, she understands the importance of writing as a tool for self-exploration.