Let’s Go Bisexuals (The Struggles of Being Bi)

Awkward thumbs up (✓), not sitting on chairs (✓), bob haircuts (✓), puns (✓) and our lord and saviour Freddie Mercury (✓✓). Maybe you’re wondering right now why this is so relatable. If so, I proudly welcome you with open arms into our bi community. I’m joking of course, these signs are not applicable to all bisexuals by far. Yet, these aren’t always the funny features associated with our bi culture, most stereotypes are actually the opposite. Not fun, friendly or fair. Like most stereotypes they sting and sometimes even leave a mark. Which is why I am writing about something near and dear to my heart: how to avoid bisexual stereotypes. This is a guide, if you will, for the non-bisexuals to stop questioning our sexuality, but more importantly I hope it’s a guide for bisexuals to feel empowered and proud of who we are. In light of #20biteen I’m going to highlight a couple of offensive phrases. I hope this will help you to understand your bi friends and neighbours better and show you what to do instead.

Disclaimer: If you’re bi and reading this, be aware, all phrases will make your eyes roll.

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