Self-Published at Sixteen: An Interview with Erik Elsie

Logging on to Zoom tends to always feel tiring these days, but when Erik Elsie’s face popped up for our virtual interview, my energy immediately returned. Bright-eyed and excited, Erik enthusiastically greeted me through the screen, betraying just a hint of nervousness. Her short-cropped hair and no less than three nose rings clearly situated herContinue reading “Self-Published at Sixteen: An Interview with Erik Elsie”

The Trials, Tribulations and Triumphs of Opening an Etsy Shop

I love arts and crafts with my whole heart. Truly, I am never happier than when I’m doing some kind of fun craft, no matter what it is. I’ve made things with clay, paint, resin, fabric, icing, felt, wool, paper mache–anything really. If you’ve seen it on Pinterest, chances are I’ve given it a try.Continue reading “The Trials, Tribulations and Triumphs of Opening an Etsy Shop”

The Elusive Notion of Home

As far as idioms go, ‘home is where the heart is’ can definitely be seen as one of the more literal ones. No one is beating around any bushes here, you pretty much get what you paid for with this phrase. However, it has always struck me as having two different, although connected, interpretations, dependingContinue reading “The Elusive Notion of Home”