When You Don’t Feel Good Enough

Sometimes when I’m at my lowest I feel like I will never be able to achieve anything in my  in life. I feel worthless, insecure and like there is no point in even trying my best. I even felt like that while writing this article. These feelings nestle in my body and give me a sinking sensation in my stomach, weighing me down. These feeling comes from the thought: “I am not good enough”. Although it sometimes feels like it, I am not the only one who has this thought. In 2016, a youtuber named Nathan Zedd uploaded a video entitled: “You’re not good enough”. In his video he explains that the thought of not being the best stops him from making videos and being creative and has stopped him from taking other opportunities in the past. His video exemplifies how crippling it can be to suffer from self-doubt and insecurity. However, he also motivates people to work past these feelings and to just make things regardless of their doubt. Because this message resonated with many people who watched it, myself included, Nathan received a lot of support and praise. He decided to give something back and released his own merchandise, namely t-shirts with the slogan: “Good Enough”. They sold out almost immediately and still do every time he releases a new batch. The fact that these shirts sells so well shows that people really need and like to have a small affirmation that they are worthwhile. Perhaps you do not identify with the thoughts and feelings I described above. If you do, however, I will try to give you some more tips to build your confidence and to be kind to yourself. Continue reading “When You Don’t Feel Good Enough”


Hidden History – Woodlawn House

Every time I go back to Ireland, it feels like a homecoming. Each time I get that first glimpse of the Emerald Isle from the plane window, my heart skips a beat from excitement. This is not only because of my double Dutch/Irish identity. The main reason for this ‘heartbeat skipping’ is because I am seeing my Irish family again. Another part of this excitement stems from being back in the country I have partly grown up in. Along with the homely atmosphere I always love going on roadtrips and visiting different sights with my family and taking in the landscape, which is, to say the least, very different from the flat polders of The Netherlands. In comparison, the Irish landscape is mystically wild and untouched, mountainous. It gives you this daunting feeling of living in a Harry Potter story. It seems as if all the houses and roads have been built around the dramatic nature instead of the other way around. Apart from my general love for the land, I am intrigued by its history. Of course  I was never taught Irish history in school due to my Dutch education. So I am setting out to become an autodidact on this subject. Continue reading “Hidden History – Woodlawn House”