To Be Queer and (In)Visible

Sometimes I feel like a ghost. A distorted, wavery, pellucid figure, one of the many in an endless sea of other ghosts. It’s not always so bad to be a ghost, to go unnoticed, to remain concealed in the corners of a haunted planet. But when I decide to announce my presence – “Here IContinue reading “To Be Queer and (In)Visible”

The  Storybook of Late Night Thoughts

Do you remember those nights? Rolled up into your blanket, your nightlight already placed in the socket, the weight of a parent on the side of the mattress. Stories of monsters and men, fairies and sorcerers. Nightly recurring stage productions with star actors– our parents deserving of Oscar nominations. I count myself lucky to recognizeContinue reading “The  Storybook of Late Night Thoughts”

Retracing Invisible Roots

The dock is swarming with people, fishermen, stalls selling the daily catch and travelers waiting for their ships to start boarding. The sun burns through her clothes, leaving a trail of sweat dripping down her back. On one hip her two year old daughter has made herself comfortable, her large eyes wandering about in wonder.Continue reading “Retracing Invisible Roots”

Malfunctioning in a Functional World

Trigger warning: mention of mental illness Imagine yourself in another time: you live in a cottage in the countryside, your day consists of feeding the chickens, farming, maybe a little reading and sometimes your friend from a nearby village visits for a conversation. Hold this picture for a second and think about what we, inContinue reading “Malfunctioning in a Functional World”